Godelieve Spaas

As an organisation developer and scientist, Godelieve

As an organisation developer and scientist, Godelieve creates new narratives and practices that actually contribute to the well-being of people and nature. By implementing and conceptualising ground-breaking innovations she contributes to the shift that is required for achieving the United Nations sustainable development goals.

Through combining her experience as a co-creator of multi-stakeholder system innovation with her creativity and expertise in the field of new economics, social entrepreneurship and organisation in ecosystems, she creates a playing field in which the shift to the new time can take place.

Within RTB, Godelieve has worked on the development of a community, The Valley, a circular business park for circular entrepreneurs and people. Together with the community a concept for The Valley has been co-created, from which innovative practices have been born.

“We live in a time in which major changes are necessary and underway. Nature and society demand of every one and every organisation that they are joint developers of a new way of living, business practices and creating that is socially focused and sustainable. What form this is to take is not yet known. What we do know is that we need to do this together, at the intersections between regions, cultures, disciplines and sectors.”

Godelieve Spaas


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