During the RTB session artists draw images


During the RTB session artists draw images based on the input they receive from the participants. This drawing shows Vincent. Vincent works for a housing corporation. During the RTB session he realises that the systems and procedures at the housing corporation are responsible for people not being housed appropriately.

He gives an example of a mother with two teenage daughters. They are allotted a home behind an unlit sports field complex that they have to walk alongside when they return home at night by bus. When shaving in the morning, that image comes back to him and he decides there and then that making rules more important than the people has to come to an end; people deserve a house that is right for them.

He expresses this decision with the drawing shown above and his argument is so convincing that it leads to a fundamental change in policy!


This picture was drawn during an RTB session for a famous fashion company. In this company the management overfed the organisation with an increasing number of improvement projects. At one time 38 projects were being worked on simultaneously. During this period the management was not accessible for feedback. During the RTB session this problem was expressed through an extremely practical drawing of cars in front of a tunnel. Thanks to the exceptionally tangible drawing and the clear explanation a breakthrough took place on the spot.