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Strategy & concept development

Introducing the RTB approach

Fundamentally different

Fundamentally different

Do you feel things need to be fundamentally different?

Market share

Market share

Has your market share levelled off in this changing market?

Sufficient grip

Sufficient grip

Do you have enough grip on your environment?

The solution

The solution

Do you need a disruptive solution?

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Gerrit Bruggeman

We offer you the rewarding perspective of real breakthroughs, real renewal and true connection.


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Our approach

A 3-day intensive session forms the heart of our approach.

  • We involve all stakeholders and not just people from your own organisation.
  • We work with 100 people for 3 days instead of 3 people for 100 days.
  • We work in the weekend and not during the week.

  • We work with the whole person and not just their knowledge and experience.
  • We work at the water’s edge, in an inspiring and motivating environment.
  • We work with images that are drawn on the spot.

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From inspiration to tangible action

During this 3-day intensive session we build both new strategies and concepts as well as the commitment to implement. We always start with a keen sensibility and visualisation of everyone’s personal passion for and experience with the topic. In doing this, we address the whole person and not just their experience or expertise. Subsequently we rediscover the organisation’s (brand) identity that is verified and made relevant in the current context. We sketch the opportunities and the desired future perspectives.

This highlights the differences with the current situation. Finally we explore how, based on the brand identity, we can achieve the desired ideas for the future. We develop action plans, pilot projects and communication plans. Following the 3-day session, the participants are involved in the implementation.

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Before and after the RTB session

Prior to the session, the content is prepared and depicted in a flow chart in which the organisation’s objectives are transformed into questions for the RTB session. In addition, elements like culture, leadership and energy are being investigated. Where’s the flow and where are blockages?

The RTB session forms the climax for the entire approach. After the session two reports are being provided: A document summarizing the process and outcome, illustrated by visuals, and including conclusions and tangible recommendations for the implementation.
Secondly, the “soul book” which contains an integral record of all the images and text from the session.

During the implementation phase, RTB can participate in the steering committee, supervise teams during implementation and make its experience available as required.

Basic principles

Commitment, Imagination and Co-creation


We stimulate participants to tap into their deepest passions. Through sharing your personal passion and beliefs, an open atmosphere develops that leads to a deeper collaboration. This creates an environment of authenticity and trust which develops and deepens throughout the session.


We believe in the strength of images and in the strength of imagination. The images that are made during the session in our studio ensure that, together, we develop a new perspective and look with new eyes through which true renewal can occur.


We assume that the system in which your organisation operates contains more wisdom than the organisation itself. By involving stakeholders in the process of change we work on a new perspective for the future. This is supported by the entire system in which your organisation operates.


Our clients

Since the establishment of RTB in 1998 we have guided more than 50 organisations on their way towards continuous renewal and change. Our clients are from all sorts of sectors. They are looking for a breakthrough for their organisation and are daring enough to take new unchartered paths to achieve this. They see that old answers do not hold the solutions they need and this is why they want to place their trust in the system they are part of.

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Diagnostiek Voor U
Gemeente Rotterdam
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Nationaal Blazers Ensemble

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The Hunger Project

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Client experiences

Customer experiences

Guy Geuskens

Director Global Marketing
Royal Mosa

“It’s incredibly inspiring, original and effective to achieve with collective energy an important repositioning with colleagues in no time at all. For whatever business or company. You can only believe what happens during an RTB session once you’ve experienced it!”

Anna van Puijenbroek

Commercial Director
Van Puijenbroek Textiel

“What makes an RTB session so exceptional is the incredible rate at which, across a wide field, ideas are generated and then made extremely tangible. The intensive collaboration with all the stakeholders leads to a widely supported and balanced result.”

Elisabeth Roelvink

Corporate Fundraiser
The Hunger Project

“To me, the RTB session was a fantastic boost. 40 people from industry and media appeared prepared to lovingly dismantle and rebuild us. Resulting in lasting relationships. I personally experienced great clarity, trust and energy.”

Geanne van Arkel

Head of Sustainable Development

“It’s enormously inspiring to experience the ‘knowledge of the crowd’. RTB doesn’t just facilitate the sharing of ideas and knowledge, but also knows how to raise the game. The ‘real-time’ visualisation of ideas makes a major difference here.”

René van der Burgt

Director of Education
Avans Hogeschool

“Through sharing personal images, a shared vision developed in a very inspiring manner. You really couldn’t imagine in advance that such a group of analytical and holistic-oriented people could arrive at such a tangible concept.”

Eric Logtens

Ecor Europe

“The RTB session was the most positive, enthusing and energizing of meetings that I experienced in the last few years. I actually got to know splendid new people at a level of depth that you normally don’t get to know people at.”

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